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Hester Frood — DY Cameron disciple

Hester Frood, one of DY Cameron’s rare pupils, carried on her teacher’s architectural etching tradition, albeit in a looser and simpler manner.  Born in New Zealand in 1882, Hester came to England as a child, growing up near Exeter in Devon.  A chance meeting with DY Cameron on a trip to Scotland in 1906 changed… Continue reading Hester Frood — DY Cameron disciple

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“the affection of the people to pictures”

Karel Dujardin (1622-1678), the Dutch Golden Age painter, created this charming etching in the 1660s, along with the farmyard scene below: Born in Amsterdam, Dujardin studied with Nicolaes Berchem, and then left for Italy, where he belonged to a group of Dutch artists in Rome; there he first gained his nickname, “Goat beard”.  He then… Continue reading “the affection of the people to pictures”

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Liselund — an 18th century holiday

Spring Break is upon us!  To celebrate, I’m posting this lovely mezzotint by Peter Ilsted, The Dining Room at Liselund (1917). Once he became successful as an artist, Ilsted brought his family every year to Liselund palace for their summer vacation.  Liselund, or “Lisa’s grove” was built in the 18th century by Antoine de Bosc… Continue reading Liselund — an 18th century holiday