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Spirits of Ancient Egypt

In the 1970s, when I was a kid, tourists could enter into the interior of the Great Pyramid of Giza, crawling through the immensely dark passageways in an uneasy quiet, completely dependant upon the navigational sense of one’s guide. Although it was many decades ago, I still remember clearly the dimly lit Pharoah’s burial chamber… Continue reading Spirits of Ancient Egypt


“The scent of pines and yearning”

“The scent of pines and yearning…”– with these words Gabriel Priel, an Estonian born New York City poet, evoked his nostalgia for upstate New York. On this Valentine’s Day, my thoughts go to Ithaca, New York, where I met my husband Bill.  Bill was a doctoral student in Medieval History at Cornell at the time;… Continue reading “The scent of pines and yearning”


The Norse Imagination

Americans rightly revere the British fantasy tradition, yet often overlook the rich artistry of the Nordic imagination.  The mythos of the peoples of the North Sea — that stunning blend of Scandinavian and Celtic storytelling — provides a deep pool for fantasy writers and, in this case, etchers.  Louis Moe (1857-1945), a Norwegian born etcher… Continue reading The Norse Imagination


January: A Portmanteau Print

This luscious botanical print, dedicated to the flowers that bloom in the month of January, is generally ascribed to the great British horticulturalist, Robert Furber (1674-1756). It’s what I like to call a portmanteau print, created by two different artists.  English engraver Henry Fletcher created the actual print, whilst the Flemish emigre, Pieter Casteels (1684-1749),… Continue reading January: A Portmanteau Print

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Girl in an Italian Villa

For Christmas, my husband Bill gave me one of my favourite mezzotints — Girl Sewing in an Italian Villa by Peter Ilsted.  Ilsted’s technical mastery is at its height in his later works, such as this.  A member of the now-famous “Copenhagen Interior School”, Ilsted did not start making mezzotints until 1906, when he had… Continue reading Girl in an Italian Villa